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Day 11>Chest, Shoulders & Tri/Ab Ripper X

Posted by pggylb on May 13, 2010

This post is a being published a day late. This is yesterday’s workout.

Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps and Ab Ripper X (CST/ARX)

If you are someone who enjoys a nice variety of push ups, then this workout is for you. Lots of push ups and all different ways. Some push ups I could do, some I couldn’t. But, one day I will be able to do all of them. There were:

  • Regular push up
  • One-armed push up
  • Military push up
  • Clap push up
  • Slide push up
  • Plyometric push up (looked fun; gonna take me a while)
  • And more. You want to know? Then get off the couch.

My shoulders took a beating but it was a nice welcomed change of pace from my legs.

Then there was the Ab Ripper X, or ARX for short. This little workout addition is a lot of fun, but very hard to do. It’s only 16 minutes long but really gets the gut burning. It is 25 reps to each set; I could only do about half those reps before reaching failure. This morning I got up and noticed that I could hold my tummy in a little tighter; felt good.

Now, if I can just get to a point where I can hold the bubble butt in tighter, I’d be happy.


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Learning Some Valuable Lessons

Posted by pggylb on May 13, 2010

Ok, so I’m on day 4 of my 2nd wk with P90X. So far, my favorite workout is Core Synergistics. This workout really works the core. The next morning, I really felt it in my abs, legs, and shoulders. It felt like I had really done something.

The first valuable lesson I learned was I haven’t been getting in enough calories a day. P90X, or just X as I like to call it, is heavily demaning on a person’s body. For those like me who want to lost the weight, you still have to get in at least 1500-1700 cals/day to prevent the body from entering starvation/survival mode. In this mode, fat actually gets stored instead of being burned regardless of how much excercise a person is doing. So, the opposite actually happens when not enough good food is being consumed. I didn’t really understand this until it started happening to me. For two days I was following a very intense workout, I was completely drained, sluggish, and just no darn good at anything until my coach suggested some high calorie quick fixes. After snacking on some plain yogurt with about 2 scoops of whey protein mixed in, within minutes I was feeling a lot better. My energy started perking back up and my overall mood had improved. Amazing what the right kind of food can do.

The second lesson I have learned is that I can’t do this and succeed without the motivation from other people. This is the second day the forums have been down and I haven’t been able to post my accountability. This is a real kick in the side for me. I haven’t yet gained the discipline to rely on just myself to keep me going and I feel like I need to tell someone about my workout and how it went just to get the feedback. Sad, I know. So, this   morning’s workout didn’t happen; although, it really wasn’t a workout, it was stretch day today. Oh well, I’ll move it to Sunday instead and claim today as my rest day.

I really hope that Team Beach Body gets the msg boards fixed here soon.

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First Weigh In (Edited)

Posted by pggylb on May 4, 2010

Ok. This weigh in will be my pre-P90X starting point. This is where I left off at after my injury last wk from switching programs like a mad person.






Body Fat=46%

Alright, those are my starting numbers; not very impressive, I know.  I’ll try doing a weigh in either weekly on Sundays, or every other week. Be sure to follow my progress and see how I do.

NOTE: These numbers are the starting point for P90X only. My numbers from the very beginning  of my fitness journey are as follows:




Body Fat=48%

As you can see, I have made some improvements and I have only been a member of Team Beach Body and working out for about 2 1/2 wks so far. So, these programs do work and I am excited about what I will get from the X. If I had continued on with the Power 90 and ChaLEAN  Extreme programs, I’m sure I would have seen greater results had I not have gotten impatient about starting P90X so soon.

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Day 2>Cardio X

Posted by pggylb on May 4, 2010

Wow, what a fun workout! Wacky jacks, dreya rolls, punches, kicks, and yoga to warm up to. Fun! My core got a good work out from laughing at myself.

I can feel my legs tightening back up just like I did in the beginning of Power 90. After a wk of P90, I had lost a 1/2 inch from my thighs. I wonder how much more I will lose after this wk and next. I can’t wait to do a weigh in and find out.

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Posted by pggylb on May 3, 2010

My name is Peggy and I am about to take the P90X challenge. Today was suppose to be my day 1, but life happened and I missed my opportunity. Tomorrow I will pick up where the ball was dropped today.

This may be the beginning of the X program, but it’s actually my 21st workout day. I started with Power 90, switched to ChaLEAN Extreme a week later, then mixed ChaLEAN with the 10 Minute Trainer for a few days, and finally tried Insanity all within a 2 1/2 week time frame that led to an injury. My own fault. I should have stuck with just one program instead of bouncing around like Tigger. Now, after a few days of rest and healing time, I am coming back and this time I am sticking with just the one program.

Because I do not yet have a pull up bar or a door attachment for the bands, I have customized P90X based on the Lean schedule to make use of what I do have available as far as equipment; dumbbells and a carpeted floor.

I will post my schedule just as soon as I can as I am at the office at the moment, and my schedule is under awaiting approval from my *soon to be* new coach.

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