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Archive for May 3rd, 2010


Posted by pggylb on May 3, 2010

My name is Peggy and I am about to take the P90X challenge. Today was suppose to be my day 1, but life happened and I missed my opportunity. Tomorrow I will pick up where the ball was dropped today.

This may be the beginning of the X program, but it’s actually my 21st workout day. I started with Power 90, switched to ChaLEAN Extreme a week later, then mixed ChaLEAN with the 10 Minute Trainer for a few days, and finally tried Insanity all within a 2 1/2 week time frame that led to an injury. My own fault. I should have stuck with just one program instead of bouncing around like Tigger. Now, after a few days of rest and healing time, I am coming back and this time I am sticking with just the one program.

Because I do not yet have a pull up bar or a door attachment for the bands, I have customized P90X based on the Lean schedule to make use of what I do have available as far as equipment; dumbbells and a carpeted floor.

I will post my schedule just as soon as I can as I am at the office at the moment, and my schedule is under awaiting approval from my *soon to be* new coach.


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