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First Weigh In (Edited)

Posted by pggylb on May 4, 2010

Ok. This weigh in will be my pre-P90X starting point. This is where I left off at after my injury last wk from switching programs like a mad person.






Body Fat=46%

Alright, those are my starting numbers; not very impressive, I know.  I’ll try doing a weigh in either weekly on Sundays, or every other week. Be sure to follow my progress and see how I do.

NOTE: These numbers are the starting point for P90X only. My numbers from the very beginning  of my fitness journey are as follows:




Body Fat=48%

As you can see, I have made some improvements and I have only been a member of Team Beach Body and working out for about 2 1/2 wks so far. So, these programs do work and I am excited about what I will get from the X. If I had continued on with the Power 90 and ChaLEAN  Extreme programs, I’m sure I would have seen greater results had I not have gotten impatient about starting P90X so soon.


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